Central Ohio Urology Group, LLC.
701 Tech Ctr Dr
Gahanna, OH 43230 (Directions)
2.2 out of 5
Central Ohio Urology Group, LLC.
701 Tech Ctr Dr
Gahanna, OH 43230 (Directions)

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2.2 out of 5
14 ratings, 14 reviews
Would want him to care for my family
December 16 , 2010
Dr.Cohn in my case is very good With my blockage surgerys and prostate surgerys.
February 24 , 2014
Dr is not very informative and does not explain a whole lot. He doesnt seem to want to help me with my pain control either. He isnt friendly in any way to me. I dont know if i like him or not.
November 16 , 2010
I saw him for several months, the first visit was great. Moving forward he seemed less interested in explaining things to me. He used old test results to update me, I had to point out the cat scan we were looking at was before my last surgery; disappointed he seemed really nice, just needs to organize himself and help his patients understand their condtions. One set of test results were printed out and just given to me. I took them to my family doc for explanation
April 16 , 2015
doctor is deffinently easy to get in to. but he doesnt seem to spend enough time with you and he isnt too polite either. wouldnt recommend
November 15 , 2010
Prostate treatment effectively ended my sex life and ended my ability to urinate normally. --What are you doing here-- is not good patient protocol. Needless to say I will not ever return to him. His professional staff makes my overall review higher than it probably should be.
December 28 , 2013
Doctor never fallows through with anything. Says one thing does another. Would love to go to another doctor but it seems they all are involved with Central ohio urology.
June 28 , 2019
Jack tumor removal of bladder preop consultant pain Med cipro bladder Med procedure 45min and recovery 1hr.I left went my car call family in surgery I got call 20min later done with surgery. I was what 20 min.pull car closer build I see Dr on cell going car leave I waved him down why si earlier Dr stated faulty euip. Grassed tumor bursted :I stated what tumor cell particles in bladder next time multi tumors :Dr stated no I put cool tool on tumor it gone just tell jack see me week I have picture. I went into e main center recp go consultation room no need see Dr as he leaving take me jack I told him Dr said I had great concerns! Postop nurse discharge note no care plan only cipro take hone no pain Meds bladder Med call Dr office no call back Dr. go thru differ Dr 430pm pain meds jack out hone 1pm .concerns care procedures I am spouse and license nurse unbelievable! Ispent 4days postop get him pain meds Cather.complication seek other Dr help! I thank God for them!
July 02 , 2013
This guy has no bedside manner and very arrogant. Had vasectomy and he was very rough during the procedure. I now have a varicose vein in my scrotum and frequent problems with epididymitis diagnosed by another urologist. I may need another surgery, and that may not even help. STAY AWAY!
July 24 , 2012
horrible bedside manner. we didnt understand him at all. he was with us for 5 minutes and charged us the highest billing amtyou could. he was arrogent and kept taking calls from fis wife. WORTHLESS waste of money. stay far away.
October 22 , 2012
Added lots of details to my chart about a physical exam, but he never examined me - we just talked. The day after lithotripsy when I was in pain, his nurse said, --dont expect a call back from the doctor anytime soon-- and he never called, so back to the ER I went because the pain meds werent working. When starting the lithotripsy they had lots of trouble getting my heartbeat to show up on the equipment, then they put me to sleep. Then when I had the Lithotripsy notes reviewed by my NEW urologist I was told that Dr. Cohn couldnt get the equipment to work properly so that instead of the shocks stopping automatically when my heart rhythm was interrupted, the notes showed that he would stop the shocks when my heart stopped, then restart them when my heart started. He said this was not a good procedure and he would not have done the procedure with faulty equipment. He made up details of a ficticious exam, then refused my call when I was in pain after the procedure, then took a hige risk when oing the lithotripsy procedure. I gave written consent for the procedure, but NOT with broken equipment thats intended to make it safe! plan to file a formal complaint.
April 10 , 2013
Dr. Cohn barely even looked at me when I went to see and him and never seemed to listen to what I was saying. Visits were 5 minutes max. He had me get an ultrasound and come in for multiple visits, but then never gave me any answers. At my ultrasound follow-up, he didnt even have a chart or go over any of what the radiologist had reported. He also prescribed me an antibiotic that is similar to one I had a reaction to before and when I called to request a change he said no and insisted I come back in again. Will be seeing someone else from now on.
June 11 , 2013
Worst ever urologist I have ever been to. He did a cystoscopy on me & it was excruciatingly painful. Had one 5 yrs ago with no pain. Constantly wanted to do a UROLIFT-his “money maker” no doubt. Stay away from this one
March 21 , 2023
This doc is a joke..... he spent 5 minutes with me and charged me 300 dollas. He called me in the hall, I thought he was just on his cell. With his kid... He didnt even review my records and said to come back for muiltiple appts and copays. I told my PCP, he said he would never refer another patient to him. I saw him scratching himself too, and then wanted to touch my side with the same hand . NO THANKS.
September 06 , 2013

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