Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Professional Corporation Ofarizona
14200 W Celebrate Life Way
Goodyear, AZ 85338 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Professional Corporation Ofarizona
14200 W Celebrate Life Way
Goodyear, AZ 85338 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
26 ratings, 26 reviews
Dr Sadeghi is great at what he does. He is very knowledgeable and smart. His interest is in patient care . He gives you his full and undivided attention answers all of questions without any rush. He typically does have a wait time but who wouldn't wait for a GREAT doctor. The best care comes from the doctor everyone is willing to wait and see. The front office staff can you use some help. But everyone else is great. I highly recommend him to any family.
November 24 , 2015
I have seen Dr Sadeghi when he consulted on me at the hospital for and urgent matter. Ended up having emergency surgery and had a great fast recovery. Also office staff was very courteous and great. I highly recommend him to any family member . He is very trust worthy as well.
May 19 , 2016
Great doctor!! Would recommend him to eveyone.
March 23 , 2014
Dr. Sadeghi thoroughly reviewed test results going back one year and was able to make informed decisions regarding mom's cancer. He assembled a top-notch surgical team and took necessary precautions. He takes his time to listen and has been instrumental with follow-up. Mom is alive today because of him. I cannot say enough good things about him.
September 26 , 2013
Good doc, I am not sure if these ratings are honest though. He is either excellent or not good? Who is telling the truth?
June 09 , 2011
Caring, awesome bedside manner.Incredible medical/urology knowledge.Good listener. Kind. Cares for his patients.
May 30 , 2010
As a second opinion referral for serious cancer, Dr Sadeghi was NOT second in his review of my cancer and its need for immediate removal. He was very courteous and professional. He discussed the results of doing nothing and the outcome of immediate surgery. The seriousness of my situation was shared by him. He immediately ordered the hospital surgery team for 6 days after my office visit. A year later I am fine. He saved my life. We laughed together in the hospital a few days post-op. He is a great doc, especially when your life depends on it.
April 24 , 2013
While having bladder problems I sought out an urologist after seeing both my primary physician and obgyn. The first Dr. I went to was awful. His entire staff was incredibly rude and he immediately told me I needed medication. I decided I needed to look elsewhere. That's when I found Dr. Sadeghi. I am not exaggerating when I say that he is hands down the BEST doctor I have ever had. He explained my exams and procedures thoroughly and in a way I could understand. He has a wonderful bedside manner, and takes a 'west meets east' approach to medicine .His techniques are modern and equipment seems state of the art. What makes going to see Dr. Sadeghi an even greater experience is his AMAZING staff. I didn't have a single bad experience in that office. The whole staff is incredibly friendly, efficient and understanding. I wish all of my doctors and their offices could be like this one! Don't even bother looking around for an Urologist or a reference for one. Just go here!
March 24 , 2019
A sincer and caring doctor. Takes time to listen and explain. Highly recommend.
December 03 , 2010
Very kind, very HONEST doctor. He took the time to explain pros and cons. Freely answered my questions about patients and realistic expectations. Dr. Sadeghi was also honest about the 'what if's' and was very supportive of my decision, no matter the choice. I told him I appreciated his honest and humanity. Dr. Sadeghi is one of the best urologist I've ever worked with and I recommend him to anyone!
June 29 , 2022
I couldn't of asked for a better Dr. through all the problems I've had. I have 2 small children and had to travel 3 hours to see him and he made every accomidation neccesary for me. I have never had a Dr. do that. I have reccomended him to everyone I know! He is very professional and knows how to make you feel comfortable. Thanks Dr. Sadeghi!
February 01 , 2010
Dr. Sadeghi's operation on me went according to a best case scenario. He is very accomplished and skilled, and on top of that he was very kind in all of our interactions post-operation. Thank you again Dr. Sadeghi!
January 13 , 2011
When my father was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma Dr. Sadeghi provided immediate consultation and performed expedited surgery to remove the cancer. Dr. Sadeghi was kind, caring, and professional. My dad was in great hands with him and everyone else at CTA. Richard D.
September 02 , 2019
I come from a family of MD's and am very particular. I have been blessed to be in the care of Dr. Sadeghi. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about him.
January 28 , 2015
Analyze effect and symptoms to find the root cause.Excellent Doctor
February 16 , 2011
The wait was an hour long, BUT I was told up front that Dr. was running late today. The staff here is so nice. They are very professional through and through. I would recommend Dr. Sadeghi to everyone. I went to another Urologist before coming here. I have finally found help and I am so releaved!
April 24 , 2012
Yes i did experience the same thing after my procedure also. I was giving a procedure to find out if i had cancer and i didnt get the results to like 6 months later no lie. He is a good doctor when you are in his presence but once you leave its like you not even living to him. He does need to follow up on his patients more i mean come on you are a doctor.
July 04 , 2012
I found Dr. Sadeghi to be very knowledgeable, kind and considerate. He explained things thoroughly and respectfully. I whole heartedly recommend him!
October 14 , 2015
Dr. Sadeghi was my urologist for a couple of years. He yelled at me over the phone when I decided to go to CTCA when my cancer returned! He also said he was better than the Drs at CTCA! Ironically, he now works for them! He also have me a treatment for bladder cancer, because he "knew by looking at the tissue it was cancer. I didn't find out until months later that the lab report came back saying it wasn't cancer! He had no intention of telling me, until I asked! Ironically, about 3yrs after, he now works at CTCA! I am a retired RN, and his behavior was unacceptable!
March 13 , 2017
February 01 , 2012
terrible experience office staff couldn't care less about patient care. Doctor only offered inane excuses for poor performance. I walked out of office after insulting interview with office manager.
November 09 , 2015
Refuses to see my mom because she has decided to not go with the surgery. Now she has to go out side the Cancer Treatment Of America to see a different Dr. to get a procedure done to see if the tumor has grown or shrank. This man took a oath and is not following that oath!
July 05 , 2019
I don't know how many patients he needs to bill out per month to be a part of this practice, but his focus is clearly quantity not quality when it comes to his patients. Its a factory line, he claims he allows 40 minutes per patient , while his assistants book patients every 10-20 minutes. He doesn't hesitate to take a short cuts to save time. If you have multiple questions, he consistently doesn't answer them all, unless you step up and press him. I had two issues when I first saw him, explaining the extreme paid I had. He addressed the other issue with an exam and then giving me a script for antibiotic's, then said good by and never addressed the other issue. I told my wife, I guess its nothing to worry about. Wrong, a year later, it was a bigger problem.
April 16 , 2017
I think his poor bedside manners is becoming well known in Phoenix. He is a good physician, but horrible at follow up. His ego just keeps getting in the way. I would not recommend him.
January 04 , 2011
my mother was one of his patients and the care he gave her was terrible. She had vaginal cancer and during the time she was under his care he never did a biopsy until it was too late. I don't care if her cancer was rare. Isn't a specialist supposed to be well informed? He never showed one ounce of concern. My mother just died!! I would never recommend this doctor ever!!
July 19 , 2012
This Dr. thinks he is the best and thats all he cares about. He has horrible bed side manner I would never refer anyone I know to him. He is a good surgeon but NOT a good person.
September 06 , 2010

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Professional Corporation Ofarizona
14200 W Celebrate Life Way
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