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5 out of 5
1000 73Rd St, Suite 17
Windsor Heights, IA 50324 (Directions)

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5 out of 5
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Very impressed with the knowledge, personability and punctuality of the staff and Dr. Zafar.
September 23 , 2017
Excellent service, in and out in less than an hour! Highly recommended!
September 22 , 2018
Pain free and fast. Great bedside manner. He kept me engaged in conversation the whole time and before I knew it, it he was done.
October 21 , 2017
Everything about the appt went as advertised. Dr Zafar was very friendly and knowledgeable about his services. The procedure was a breeze and the staff made me feel very comfortable.
August 24 , 2014
Dr Z and his staff are courteous and consistent. Ive kept a long standing relationship because they care what happens to me.
April 13 , 2016
Given the nature of the procedure, it was a great experience all around.
October 28 , 2015
My experience with Dr. Fawad was excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
August 22 , 2016
Dr. Zafar did an outstanding job making the vasectomy very satisfactory. From someone who had put this procedure off for about 10 years im kicking myself for not doing it sooner. It was painless and only took 10 minutes. Dr. Zafar and his staff are first class! Dont put it off as long as i did one week im back to normal.
April 04 , 2017
Good experience. Dr. Zafar makes you feel comfortable during the procedure. It only takes and few minues. Will recommend to others.
November 15 , 2017
I see the Doctor for scar tissue in my privates and he has really helped me keeping it open and passing urine better. I have been seeing him now for nearly 7 years. Thank you.
February 27 , 2017
Great experience with Dr. Zafar. He went out of his way to see me on a Saturday even. Highly recommend he and his staff.
February 21 , 2017
Very happy with my procedure and follow up phone call.
April 01 , 2017
Quick and painless procedure. Answered my phone call on Saturday night when I had a question. He followed up with me on Sunday night to make sure everything is good.
March 19 , 2018
Dr. Zafar and his staff did an excellent job making me feel comfortable during my vasectvasectomy. The process was quick and relatively pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Zafar!
March 27 , 2015
Very profesional, very knowledgeable, staff is kind and very helpful. I couldnt have made a better choice for a urologist!
April 12 , 2017
Dr. Zafar has a fantastic bedside manner & excellent care . 10/10 would see again.
September 22 , 2018
I recently had a vasectomy with Dr. Zafar. He did a great job explaining everything before we got started, which eased my nerves a bit. The method he used was pain free, pretty awesome that he uses the no needle numbing (everyone told me the needle was the worst part) I highly recommend Dr. Zafar if you are looking to have a vasectomy.
August 28 , 2015
I am very satisfied with the way Dr. Zafar explained my two procedures. I went into surgery feeling very confident of the outcome. He was very professional and made me feel reasured in the way he spoke to me after surgery. Smiles are a plus and I got several.
July 14 , 2013
Dr. Zafar and his staff were extremely helpful and made an uncomfortable procedure go quickly and smooth. It has been 48 hours since the procedure and no pain, just minor discomfort which was expected.
July 24 , 2018
It has been 1 week since my husbands procedure and he is feeling great. Everyone was helpful and knowledgable and made it such an easy process. Would definitely recommend this doctor to anyone! Thanks!
July 24 , 2014
Dr. Zafar and his staff makes you feel comfortable the minute you walk in the office. Knowledgeable and caring with fantastic bedside manner. The procedure was quick and after care instructions easy to understand. I will certainly recommend Dr. Zafar to others!
November 25 , 2017
Dr Zafar performed one successful procedure and helped me through another He has been very helpful for over eight years
January 19 , 2015
Dr Zafar was great during the whole procedure. I was very comfortable and he stepped me through the whole process. I would highly recommend him.
August 12 , 2015
Quick and easy. Follow post op instructions for minimizing discomfort. I did feel a few --tugs-- during the procedure; however, no significant amount of pain. It can take a few minutes to find yourself in the actual procedure room for the operation to begin so dont be in a hurry. I was in the office less than an hour even after arriving 15 minutes early. I have no other experience with other doctors for this procedure; however, I can recommend Dr. Zafar. He is highly experienced and definitely is familiar with this type of work.
November 14 , 2017
Dr. Zafar was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Everything went great and I would suggest him to anyone else.
December 14 , 2014
I was a little uneasy about the whole vasectomy deal when I arrived but Dr Zafar and staff were great. They explained everything I had questions about and made me feel welcomed and relaxed. The procedure was quick and after care is easy. I would recommend Dr Zafar to anyone!
July 29 , 2014
The entire staff at Lakeview Urology was fantastic! Amanda and Lisa were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Zafar was incredibly professional, and made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after my procedure. Driving the extra 120 miles (round-trip) was well worth the amazing care that I received!
July 12 , 2017
Dr. Zafar and his staff were very helpful. I want a procedure done quickly and they set it up without a hitch on a Sunday, they are not normally open on Sunday. Dr. Zafar explained every aspect of my procedure in detail and was very patient in answering any questions as if talking to an equal. Dr. Zafar had exceptional bed side manner during the procedure, conserned about my comfort and very good at open conversation to a degree that the time flew by an before I knew it he had completed the procedure. Dr. Zakar treated me very well. I would gladly count recommend him for my procedure. G Knuston
July 26 , 2016
Given the nature of the procedures, its obvious that there is going to be some awkwardness. Dr. Zafar is personable and professional. He went out of his way to make sure my wife was at ease of what my procedure was going to be and his nurse worked hard to reassure as well. His follow-up call after the procedure a few days later was gracious. I would recommend him to any gentleman looking to have a hassle free vasectomy.
March 20 , 2016
Once I got in to the appointment, it was quick to resolve the prostrate problem. Had the Turp procedure done a couple weeks later and now Im a new man. Great staff also.
May 12 , 2019
Was painless compared to what I expected. Thank you
August 11 , 2017
Dr. Zafar and his staff were helpful and courteous throughout the entire experience. He was very attentive during the procedure and made sure that I was comfortable and informed on the progress the whole time. His staff followed up with a phone call a couple days later to make sure recovery was going well and made sure to answer any questions I had.
August 17 , 2016
The Doctor has been very helpful with my mother. He was able to find her problem and treat her. Before him we went to 2 other Doctors with not much help. Good job!
October 30 , 2016
The staff was both great and understanding as I was very nervous to go through with the procedure! Dr. Zafar was great and there wasn’t one moment where I didn’t feel how I felt cane first. I know I suggested to put TVs in the room but dr. Zafar enjoys getting to know his patients and has a conversation with you to help keep your mind off what is going on! I especially appreciated that because it was over before I knew it! He’s very good at what he does
June 17 , 2018
Dr. Zafar was great. The vasectomy was completed very quickly and recovery was easy. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend him to anyone.
March 26 , 2017
Dr.Zafar has been treating my IC. This combination of PT, meds, and lifestyle changes has changed the quality of my life. I now can be intimate without pain and am not chained to the toilet all day. He truly is a respectable and trustworthy urologist.
May 04 , 2015
Dr. Zafar and his nurse Marilyn made me feel relaxed and comfortable during my prostate procedure. Surgery went well and I feel like a NEW man!! Dr. Zafar is very cool, calm & collected physician who I would highly recommend!
November 05 , 2016
I needed to a hve a vasectomy and asked around at work. It turned out 4 of my co-workers had gone to Dr. Zafar for vasectomy and all had good results. That made the decision easy. Procedure was only 10 minutes and I had no pain. He called the next day and so did his nurse. Very satisfied with the care I received.
March 03 , 2017
Dr. Zafar and staff were very professional and personable. I came to him for vasectomy based on his years of experience and I am glad I did. Procedure took about 10 minutes, kept me talking the whole time to keep my mind off of it and kept making sure I was in no pain. I will recommend Dr. Zafar to anyone I know looking to get a vasectomy.
March 17 , 2017
Dr. Zafar was very helpful in treating my epididymitis.
February 24 , 2015
Very good experience. The staff was able to work around my schedule even with a short notice when i made my appointment the afternoon before .I traveled over four hours to see Dr,Zafar and i would highly recommend him to anyone. I really liked it when he made his follow up call, that really shows he cares about his patients . Keep up the good work!
December 03 , 2017
Dr. Zafar is very professional and staff is extremely knowledgeable.
April 17 , 2017
Dr Zafar is a good Dr. He has concern for patients comfort and well being. I highly recommend Dr. Zafar for vasectomy care. Hes a pro. I experienced minimum downtime and little discomfort.
February 19 , 2019
He and his staff were very knowledgeable and personable. They gave every opportunity to ask questions and be in contact before and after my vasectomy. They did everything they could to keep the experience low key and comfortable. I would definitely refer them to anyone.
March 20 , 2016
I like his treatment. He is down to earth. Always reachable.
August 06 , 2010
If you want/need a vasectomy- this is the place! Dr. Zafar is the best! The procedure he uses really speeds up the healing.
January 09 , 2018
Very professional experience with dr and staff. Highly recommend.
September 22 , 2018
Good experience considering it is no a pleasant procedure. Dr. Zafar was fast and kept me at ease during the whole process. Would recommend
November 12 , 2017
My vasectomy was quick, and nearly pain free. It has taken about a week and a half to get back near normal, but I only needed pain meds for about a day and a half. I would recommend Dr Zafar to anyone looking for this same procedure.
December 03 , 2014
Dr. Zafar has treated my infertility problems. My sperm count was low. He found varicose veins and repaired them. My sperm count went up to normal. We are now blessed with a baby!! Very pleased with his care!
February 25 , 2017
Dr. Zafar is honestly the best doctor I have ever had! I have been seeing him for many years for kidney stones. He is always very punctual, for starters. He is kind, has a very good bed-side manner and is very knowledgeable. He always seems to have time for me, although I know he is very busy, and always makes me feel like he genuinely cares about my well-being. And he holds clinics at several hospitals, which makes it extremely convenient to see him locally when I need to. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a urologist!
December 18 , 2014
Had a great and comfortable experience, Dr. Fawad Zafar even took time out of his day to check and make sure I was doing OK the day after the procedure.
February 11 , 2022
Dr. Zafar and his staff were very helpful and calming of the situation. The way he does the procedure was quick and nearly painless. He is also very reasonably priced . I would highly recommend him to anyone
November 08 , 2014
Dr. Zafar and his staff were very professional and comforting during and after my procedure! Dr. Zafar and his staff both called at different times to see how I was coming along. Very highly recommended, Thank you!
July 28 , 2018
Very good experience. Would recommend him to anyone
October 20 , 2017
Great experience and quick recovery. 24 hours later and almost no pain.
July 28 , 2018
Dr. Zafar and his staff were very professional and helpful throughout my visits. Dr. Zadar makes himself available to his patients directly, anytime day or night. My procedure was quick and painless. Thank you Dr. Zadar for you services.
August 06 , 2015
Dr.Zafar treated me for kidney stones. I had a lithotripsy procedure. Afterwards he did a urine test and found out what was causing the stones to form. Very satisfied with his care!
February 21 , 2017
Made it very comfortable! Good experience!
April 28 , 2017
I would highly recommend this guy hes got very steady hands.
October 14 , 2017
excellent experience all around... vasectomy done in less than an hour... very personable and reassuring staff
August 02 , 2014
he was polite and very helpful.he also explained things clearly
November 28 , 2009
Everything about the procedure was professional and comfortable. Staff was attentive. I would definitely recommend them
January 23 , 2015
Dr. Zafar is is very nice and made sure I was comfortable through the whole procedure. He and his nurse are very professional. I drove 90 miles to have this done and am glad I did. Thank you doctor.
January 11 , 2015
Dr Zafar is the best in everyway professionally possible! His staff is fantastic! He is professional, attentive, caring, punctual, amazing at his profession, awesome bedside manor. In my opinion there is no one better! 5 STARS!
November 16 , 2017
Dr. Zafar was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole procedure. I called his cell after a few days and he answered promptly and told me exactly what I was experiencing and why. I would highly recommend Dr. Zafar.
September 06 , 2016
Dr. Zafar was great. Went in for the consultation and vasectomy on 6/3/16 and all of the comments listed in these reviews were proven true. The procedure itself took 10 minutes. He does a great job of keeping your mind occupied while hes working away. I received a call the morning after to see how I was doing (very well) and Dr. Zafar reiterated to call him anytime on his cell if I experienced any issues. Im about 24 hours post-procedure and have very minimal pain and feel like I could be up and around- just icing and taking it easy. Strongly recommend Dr. Zafar!
June 03 , 2016
Dr. Zafar was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when giving information prior to the procedure. He was able to perform my surgery quickly and proficiently, and without any discomfort. The staff was very good as well.
December 04 , 2017
Dr Zafar was very aware of making sure I was comfortable. I would recommend Dr Zafar for anyone in need of his services
September 12 , 2018
High marks, very professional, highly effective. I would recommend him !!
January 25 , 2015
I appreciate the care from Doctor S Zafar. I have never had kidney stones and I was grateful for the additional care and education of stones from Dr Zarfar. I was able to call him on a Sunday for addition help with the stones.
June 04 , 2018
Great service friendly staff and an amazing price. Hopefully I don’t have to do the vasectomy again but if i did i would definitely go here again.
July 31 , 2018
Knowledgeable and friendly staff, were great about explaining everything and answered all my questions. Important points were emphasized. Dr. Zafar seemed quite experienced and was able to keep me distracted with conversation throughout the whole procedure. I appreciate the minimally invasive techniques he uses. Theres nothing fun about a vasectomy procedure, but I felt Dr. Zafar and his staff made this experience as quick and comfortable as possible. I appreciated that once decided, I could have this done in short order without having it hanging over my head. Things were running a bit behind schedule when I arrived, but thats typical of most doctor visits and medical procedures Ive had. I received a follow up call from his staff the day after the procedure and a call from him the day after that. I was given a number to reach him at 24/7 should any problems arise. While Dr. Zafar does many of these, I did not feel like just another number being cranked through a system. I feel the personal support was there and remains available if needed. The most helpful thing for me in first couple days of recovery are flexible cold compresses. (More helpful than pain meds) They are inexpensive, so get a few so you always have a cold one ready to use.
June 29 , 2017
Dr. Zafar and his staff were excellent. Answered all of our questions. Went through all the information before the procedure. Procedure went smooth and quick. Highly recommend him and his staff.
October 17 , 2014
Dr. Zafar and his team was over and beyond what we expected from the visit. He is obviously knowledgeable from the amount of time he has spent in the field, but more than that, he is very kind, down to earth, and listens to and addresses every concern and question. I would recommend him to anyone seeking out a no needle vasectomy procedure. He engaged in conversation the entire time to keep me occupied which helped a lot. The following day he called personally to check up. I am very impressed.
October 12 , 2017
Dr. Zafar was great. The procedure was quick with no issues.
March 21 , 2018
Dr. Zafar did a great job with the procedure. The nursing staff was very good. My kidney stone procedure was pain free.. Dr Zafar called to check on my recovery and tomake sure I was doing well. I recommend Dr. Zafar!
July 04 , 2016
Overall a very good experience. Explained everything in detail, answered all of my questions and everything, so far, has gone very well. Very personable and would recommend him to anyone.
April 13 , 2016
From scheduling to completion, a perfect experience. Thank you Dr. Zafar.
October 14 , 2017
I was very pleased with the care I received. Staff were professional and customer friendly.
September 25 , 2017
Dr. Zafar is an expert in his field and people should feel confident that he knows what hes doing and always has the patients best interests in mind. He doesnt waste time in chitchatting, but goes right to your problem and helps you with it. Id recommend him to everyone who needs urology care.
June 18 , 2018
Quick procedure, the doctor is very personable, knowledgeable and caring. Good staff and clean facility.
July 24 , 2017
Very short procedure and with very little discomfort. Highly recommended.
March 03 , 2018
Dr.Zafar was recommended to us by a family friend for treatment of a kidney stone. We had been battling with this for two weeks with a lot of pain and had not been treated well by the previous physician. Finding Dr.Zafar was definitely a blessing for us as he had the situation taken care of within a 24 hour period. He was very kind to us and helpful in answering any questions that we had. He even gave us his cell phone number in case we had any questions later on. We were also very pleased with the care received at the hospital in Corydon, IA. I would definitely recommend him to others.
March 17 , 2015
I think the procedure went well. I was able to drive to the store to pick up my prescription after the procedure and then drive home.
September 19 , 2016
Dr. Zafar made me feel at ease during the entire vasectomy procedure. The nurse was very helpful as well. The recovery was much better than I expected. I would recommend Dr Zafar to my friends and family.
April 02 , 2017
Dr. Zafar made this quick and as painless as could be. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get this done.
February 27 , 2015
Very professional and friendly he really took his time explaining the process
May 14 , 2018
Really fast and painless, highly recommend Dr. Zafar!
March 19 , 2018
Dr. Zafar helped improve my quality of life. I went to him with a very sensitive issue (he understood my condition very well) and he immediately set to giving me options for making a plan to fix the problem. He was clear about what was causing the issue and comforting about how we were going to work together to solve it. Dr. Zafar was ALWAYS patient and very much reassuring about all stages of the treatment. He worked with my insurance company so that everyone involved understood the costs and why before any decisions were made. His after care services were excellent as he showed me great compassion for my undertaking as he made recommendations for what to do next. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Zafar for anyone needing medical services, he is a professional that is very personal. Thank you Dr. Zafar.
April 03 , 2014
I was perfectly satisfied with my procedure. The follow up call by Dr. Zafar himself was a nice touch that you dont see very often.
August 26 , 2018
i was very satisfied with the overall procedure time and results. Doctor Zafar was very professional and went the extra mile in my opinion to make sure i was free of pain and discomfort. After having some discomfort a week later i called in and talked personally with Dr. Zafar who wasted no time putting my discomfort to the top of the list, getting me in within 30 minutes of my phone call for a follow-up. There were no complications with the procedure and or treatment and i would recommend Dr. Zafars office to anyone needing or wanting this procedure.
February 25 , 2013
Great experience, would definitely recommend him and his team
May 27 , 2018
I went to see Dr. Zafar for a vasectomy, and was quite nervous about the whole thing, which led me to almost passing out (not unusual for me) Dr. Zafar and staff quickly reacted and got me through the procedure. Dr. Zafar is great and I highly recommend him.
November 12 , 2014
Everything was great. Im feeling really good wish I would have had this done sooner
December 17 , 2014
My experience was better than what I imagined. From start to finish I was only there for about 40 minutes. That said, Dr. Zafar still took plently of time to explain the procedure, explain what to expect and respond to my questions/concerns. To top it all off Dr. Zafar called me the following morning (Saturday) to make sure I was recovering well and wasnt experiencing anything out of the ordinary. I would highly recommend
May 06 , 2018
My experience was great, and all the staff was super friendly, will definitely go back in the future. Thanks again..
December 09 , 2017
The procedure was smooth and fast. Dr. Zafar and staff made me as comfortable as can be expected. Would highly recommend
April 05 , 2018
Dr. Zafar is amazing at his craft. throughout the entire vasectomy consultation and procedure never once did I feel uncomfortable or even any pain. His confidence and experience was comforting and his ability to keep conversation cheery and light made the whole thing appear over before he even started. his demeanor and professionalism quickly extinguished any anxiety I had and I was amazed at how quickly the entire process went. I will never hesitate to recommend Dr. Zafar to anyone looking for an easy and painless vasectomy, I really cant imagine how the whole thing couldve gone any smoother!
April 03 , 2016
He and his staff was very professional and made the experience comfortable.
June 23 , 2018
Dr. Zafar is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients well being. The staff is curteous and helpful. I am very satisfied with Dr. Zafar.
May 04 , 2016
Doctor Zafar is the most kind, caring and attentive doctor you will find! Very knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure you understand what is happening. If I could give him 10 stars out of 5, I would. He and his terrific staff provide quality customer care that you will not find with the large group providers. I had a TURP and Cystoscopy done by Dr. Zafar. Terrific outcome. I am very thankful to have found him after a bad experience with another local urologist.
June 12 , 2018
This Doctor is kind, helpful, listens and does not make you feel rushed. He has called me at home with results of my tests. When I had a procedure he called me to make sure I was doing well. I also had his cell phone in case I needed to got a hold of him!
February 23 , 2017
Took time to walk thru the procedure which set mind at ease. Very personable and friendly.
March 30 , 2018
Dr. Zafar was very personable and made me feel very comfortable throughout my procedure.
February 08 , 2017
Very successful vasectomy! Painless and fast! I have had no issues since the procedure, would recommend to anyone!
March 29 , 2015
A truly compassionate and skillful Doctor. My surgery went exactly as I was told it would. I will not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family. He gave me a new life.
April 20 , 2017
Awesome that all I got to say I would recommend him to any of my friends and to other guys looking to get snipped he was quick and made it as painless as as he could
August 13 , 2015
I can not tell you how much I appreciated the professional care I received from Dr. Zafar. I went through 4 lithotripsy treatments under his care. He was always concerned about keeping me from having pain that can be caused from kidney stones moving through the tubules and eventually out in the urine. Some of the stones ranged from 5mm to 9mm. He and his team were able to use the ultrasound treatment to obliterate 8 stones before they moved into positions that would be difficult to remove otherwise. A great big Thank You to you and your team of Nurses, and Doctors at Wayne County Hospital.
February 20 , 2017
Dr. Zafar is a very good Urologist. I was having trouble passing urine and saw him on a Friday. He started me on medicines and called me at home on Sunday to see how I was doing!! I am doing very well.
April 25 , 2017
I went to Dr. Zafar to have a vasectomy done yesterday. The entire process of setting up the appointment and going in for the procedure was very easy and handled extremely professionally by everyone on his staff. They took time to answer all questions and were very good at explaining everything to myself and my wife. The procedure itself went very well with no pain and Dr. Zafar made sure I was comfortable the entire time. He is exceptionally easy to talk to and made the time during the procedure pass quickly with great conversation. I feel very good today with no pain at all less than 24 hours of getting the procedure done. I couldnt have asked for a better experience and would absolutely recommend him to anyone for this type of procedure.
July 09 , 2014
He and his team are very good and kept it comfortable. I had less pain than I expected. The office even followed up with me twice to make sure all was well. I would highly recommend.
June 28 , 2018
I chose Dr. Zafar for my vasectomy after reading positive review after positive review from other patients. They were all right, he is the best in the business. Keeps things simple and your mind at ease in what could otherwise be a stressful situation.
March 04 , 2017
He is a great Doctor, made me feel very relaxed. Explained the procedure and didnt take no more than ten minutes to do the procedure. He personally called the following day to see how I was doing after the procedure. Which honestly I have no real major pain from it. I couldnt be more happier with Dr. Zafar and his staff, very professional.
September 22 , 2018
I had a Vasectomy on a Wednesday afternoon, procedure was quick around 10 minutes, barely felt a thing, doctor was very friendly, and the staff even called me the next day to check on my recovery. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.
March 16 , 2014
Dr. Zafar did an outstanding job with the procedure. The nursing staff was fantastic and my vasectomy was painless. They called to check on my recovery and make sure that I was doing well. I would go back to Dr. Zafar and I would send friends and family to him for a vasectomy.
August 25 , 2013
Dr. Zafar was extremely professional during my visit. He and his staff made a somewhat stressful situation very pleasant. I would highly recommend Dr. Zafar and his team for a quick and painless procedure!
June 06 , 2018
Far exceeded my expectation! I will be recommending Dr. Safari going forward!!
March 22 , 2017
Would recommend Dr. Zafar, was quick and easy, no swelling or pain afterwards and even received phone on holiday weekend to check up on how I was doing
May 26 , 2018
Very quick and easy procedure. He made it about as comfortable as one could. Rooms were quite cold and wasnt provided anything to help keep warm. Laying bottomless in a quite cold room was the only negative feedback on punctuality. But it was minor.
January 23 , 2015
I came to see Dr.Zafar for man problems. During the check up he ordered a blood test for prosate cancer which came back abnormal. He did a biopsy and there was early cancer. I am only 52 years old and am so glad it was caught in time. It was treated and am doing well. Dr.Zafar did a great job for me.
March 01 , 2017
Dr Zafar and staff were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!15 out 10 I will definitely recommend him and his staff to many family and friends.
September 13 , 2016
Dr. Zafar was very personable during the procedure which helped keep my mind busy and helped calm my nerves. I would definitely recommend his office to others.
October 11 , 2014
The no needle/no scalpel vasectomy is totally painless. I recovered from the procedure after a week. Good followup from Dr. Zafar and staff.
March 14 , 2015
Very good bed side manner, I felt very comfortable.
April 16 , 2018
I Was very nervous waiting but once I met with Dr. Zafar and he explained everything it calmed my nerves. The procedure was very quick and nearly painless. Dr. Zafar kept my mind off the procedure with conversation so well I almost forgot what was happening. The staff was very helpfull and followed up. I would highly recommend Dr. Zafar.
November 06 , 2014
May 25 , 2014
Procedure was quick and painless. I appreciated the time Dr. Zafar took to explain the process and details of recovery.
April 21 , 2018
had procedure, wonderful and helpful.
September 08 , 2018
Very great staff and real quick procedure. Highly recommend
May 24 , 2018
I had a very good experience, was very well informed, and everything has been as explained. I highly recommend as he also personally followed up with me to see how I was doing. Very impressive.
November 24 , 2014
Before having the procedure I did a little research and found him on Google with good reviews. I went ahead and schedule my app. for vasectomy. From reading couple stories on the internet, about other places, I expected to have pain during and after the procedure, but with him was not the case. Before the procedure he made sure that I understand what this procedure consist of, even after I read the consent packet. During the procedure we talked about different stuff and I found out that Dr. Zafar has been traveling quite a bit around the world. The procedure itself was pretty quick, around 10 min., not painful at all. Even after the procedure I heard people in need of a driver, but I was fine driving home 80 miles. I took one pain killer the day of the procedure, one first day after and I think I will be fine after that. It is not painful, I would rather call it discomfort. If I will have to compare, when I had the molar pulled out, I was in bigger pain. I would highly recommend the procedure and Dr. Zafar for taking care of it.
March 16 , 2015
Excellent experience with Dr. Zafar. I was hesitant regarding vasectomy procedure. He sat me down and explained everything in layman’s terms. Gave me understanding of all (minor) risks, plus a summary of his experience which is highly encouraging. Prompt procedure — many friends told me their doctors prided themselves on how fast they could do a vasectomy. Dr. Zafar’s only objective was balance thorough+comfortable+prompt. Even called me the day after , Sunday, on his personally time to ensure normal recovery. Highly recommend.
May 21 , 2018
Great experience from the first call in to the follow up
September 02 , 2018
One of the most attentive and professional physicians I have dealt with
February 20 , 2015
Thoughtful, personable, friendly, goes above and beyond. Answers all questions, puts you at ease.
February 13 , 2017
Dr. Safari is very personable and put my mind at ease before the vasectomy. He is very knowledgable and available after hours if need be. The staff were very friendly. I would most certainly recommend him to anyone.
January 12 , 2016
Everyone was very nice and informative. Took my appointment on short notice and everything went very smooth. I reccomend Dr. Zafar.
January 21 , 2018
Hello Sir, Sir I have got scrotal swelling problem. I visited many Doctors in Pakistan and they suggested me to remove one testicle. They are not sure that after it everything sexually will go good. I want to get rid of that problem. I want your appointment. If you say i will send you my Reports, C.T scan and other reports you refer. I badly need your appointment sir. Waiting for your reply. Thanks.
August 08 , 2016
Dr. Zafar was great to work with. He made sure I was well informed of the procedure and prepared for a successful post procedure. He was very personable, made me very comfortable with the procedure, and took the time to personally follow up afterwards to make sure I was recovering well. The procedure was as quick and painless as it can possibly be.
February 19 , 2017
I was surprised on how quick and smooth everything was. Dr. Zafar was great and so was the nurse. I would highly recommend him.
March 19 , 2017
Dr. Zafar and staff were great. I did not expect to be laughing during the consultation, but Dr. Zafar made me feel very at ease and help to calm me down. He was genuinely concerned with how I felt and even called two (2) days later on a Sunday mid-morning to check in with how I was feeling. Ive never had a doctor do that before. The procedure had minimal pain, one stitch closure. I would highly recommend him for the vasectomy procedure to anyone. If I could rate him higher than a 5 I would.
July 28 , 2018
Dr. Zafar performed a vasectomy on me a week ago. Everything went very well. From my first phone call to the office with friendly and helpful staff to my appointment day everything went really well. I was able to download all the paperwork from his website and that saved time. I was scared to death of this procedure. Dr. Zafar gave a detailed description of the vasectomy and answered all my questions. He also promised me that I will have no pain. Cannot say enough positive about him and the overall experience.
February 22 , 2017
Dr. Zafar was very thorough in explaining the procedure and answering questions. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable as well.
February 15 , 2015
My experience was very professional!! They explained everything before the procedure and after very well, and were very helpful. Dr. Zafar even checked up on me on a Sunday to make sure I was doing ok after the surgery! Thank you
August 06 , 2018
The doctor made it as easy as it could be for a vasectomy. It was pain free.
August 04 , 2018
Quick and painless, everything happened just like he told me it would.
May 19 , 2018
As with most guys I was a little nervous but he calmed me down and explained everything. His questions helped me focus on other things then what was happening. After a couple days of mild discomfort I was back doing normal things.
August 18 , 2016
Super quick and pretty much painless. Great staff. Dr. Zafar even called me Sunday night to check on me. Would highly recommend!
March 19 , 2018
Great experience!! I was late because I was lost. I thought they will reschedule my appointment, but staff and Dr. Zafar worked me in and were very courteous.
April 27 , 2017
Dr.Zafar did a excellent job on my vasectomy answering all my questions and making it a comfortable procedure. The follow up call from him personally the next day made me feel like he truly cares about his patients and the quality of his work. I have and will reccomend him to others.
March 19 , 2016
Everyone was great! Very helpful and the procedure was painless. I was very nervous and everyone was very understanding. Thank you!!
April 07 , 2014
Answered questions, about procedure and E.D. Went right to blood work. Personable, quick. m inor discomfort, day of and after, but functional. Good job.
March 14 , 2015
Dr. Zafar and his staff were great they made my vasectomy as comfortable and easy as possible. To any guys thinking about getting this done this is the way to go it only took 10 minutes and a few pinches was all that I felt during the whole thing dont be afraid its not bad at all. I would highly recommend him since he is the only one in town that does the no needle no scalpel procedure.
September 22 , 2018
Dr Zafar did a fine job of answering question and showing experience and knowledge. Very conversational when distractions are appreciated. Great experience given the circumstance with minimal discomfort.
October 15 , 2017
The whole experience was better than expected, and Dr. Zafar was very knowledgeable and helpful. Staff was very friendly.
April 28 , 2017
I went in for a vasectomy, I was very comfortable the entire time. The staff and doctor answered all my questions and put me at ease.
September 10 , 2017
I decided to see Dr. Zafar for my vasectomy even though his office was located three hours across the state. The reason is that I could not find a more highly-rated and well-respected doctor. I went to his office twice. The first time was for my vasectomy consultation (required by my insurance, not Dr. Zafar). Dr. Zafar sat down with me and my wife and walked us through the entire process, including specifics of the surgery and the recovery process. He was very attentive and able to answer all questions we threw at him -- including questions about alternative vasectomy techniques. I found him to be very professional, friendly, and thorough. He was not going through the motions. He was actively present. The second trip was for the actual vasectomy. After I was ready for the vasectomy, he entered and immediately went to work. He used the jet-spray numbing agent on my right side and told me that if I felt any discomfort to let him know and he would apply more. I felt no discomfort at all, however, and after 5-10 minutes he was finished and moved to the left-side. After a few minutes I did feel something uncomfortable and let him know. Right away he used more of the numbing agent and I experienced no further issues. During the entire procedure, Dr. Zafar asked me question after question. This forced me to think about what I was saying instead of on what he was doing. His skillful distractions definitely made the experience so much easier. Hes such a nice person, and I was so surprised when I learned that he gives all of his patients his personal cell phone number in case anything arises after hours. Its also worth noting that his assistant was great, too. Im not sure her specific title or role, but any time I had to call the office she was the one who answered and she was able to provide me with any answers to questions I had. Additionally, she sat with me until Dr. Zafar arrived to perform my vasectomy which kept me at ease. She also helped me by providing me with any of the paperwork I needed or requested, and even went so far as to contact my insurance company beforehand to make sure there was nothing else I needed to do. And when my procedure was done, she told me where I could go to have my prescription filled since I did not know the area. And thats just to name a few things. In comparison to a trip to the dentist, I would honestly say Ive felt more discomfort with a routine cleaning (no cavities) than I did with my vasectomy. And I am so thankful to Dr. Zafar and his team for doing their best to consider my comfort. I would recommend Dr. Zafar without a single reservation, and if I had to do it all over again I would not think twice before calling Dr. Zafar.
May 10 , 2015
Dr. Zafar was exelent my appt time was on on time and my procedure was quick and painless. Dr. Zafar personally called to cheack in the next day on a Saturday.
October 05 , 2018
Good experience. Would recommend him to anyone needing his services.
October 20 , 2017
Highly recommended, fast and painless procedure. Good overall experience.
April 15 , 2018
Not only was Dr. Zafar great, all the staff there made you feel comfortable..
December 20 , 2014
I would recommend Dr. Fawad Zafar to anyone. He is always ready to answer any questions I have and gives a knowledgeable response. He talks to me like a normal person instead of just another patient and that speaks wonders. I see him twice a month and each time I have no complaints. I recently had a circumcision performed by Dr. Zafar and it went very well. He took the time to answer any and all questions I had about the procedure and made sure I knew completely what was ahead of me. Again, Id recommend Dr. Zafar to anyone.
December 15 , 2014
Awesome doctor--very happy with the whole experience. Highly recommend him!
May 12 , 2018
Had a Vasectomy. He is Knowledgeable,professional, and personable. couldnt ask for a better experience
January 29 , 2012
I drove out-of-town to have a vasectomy because I wanted the no-needle, no-scalpel procedure. Dr Zafar did a fantastic job and it was a fast, painless, and easy process. I knew that he had good reviews ,but naturally I was still nervous. Dr Zafar did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone considering a vasectomy. You can have the consultation and procedure in the same visit if you schedule it together. Highly recommended.
May 30 , 2016
Dr. Zafar did an excellent job explaining the procedure beforehand and during making me feel at ease. The vasectomy went smoothly with no pain and am feeling great one day after. I would recommend Dr. Zafar to all my friends and family.
April 16 , 2018
Fast, painless, great care. His nurse was very professional and very nice! Doctor Zafar all around great guy and a good doctor! Very personable
March 01 , 2020
Dr. Zafar was very helpful, talked me through the whole procodure and was done very quickly. I would recommend him to anyone.
November 14 , 2014
The Staff and Doctor were very proffessional and very kind and caring before during and after the procedure, I most definately reccomend this Doctor .
December 12 , 2014
Staff and Dr. Afar were great! Experience was excellent fast and simply. Would recommend this office to anyone.
December 14 , 2017
Dr. Zafar is very professional. I trust him and his staff 100% . We are very lucky to have him as our Doctor! I recommend him to others...
January 26 , 2015
Dr.Zafar performed the surgery in a very professional manner.
August 26 , 2018
Dr Zafar is a very good Urologist. I have had problems with kidney stones over the last 10 years. I have seen other Urologists before. They just treated the stone and they always came back. Dr Zafar did litohtripsy on me and got rid of the stones. He then ran extensive tests to find out what is causing it. I made diet changes and for 3 years have been stone free.
July 05 , 2016
Dr Zafar was great! Highly recommend. Very easy and painless
October 10 , 2018
Dr Zafar was very helpful and professional. He was responsive and efficient.
June 16 , 2016
I had been thinking about having a vasectomy for a number of years now so I finally decided to pull the trigger. I researched Urologists and decided to schedule my procedure with Dr Zafar. It was clear through the consultation and procedure that he knew his stuff. His bedside manner was also very nice which made me feel good. I would highly recommend him!
September 17 , 2016
I came in to have a vasectomy procedure. I was pleased to know that they had saturday hours and so I did not have to take any time off. The doctor was very knowledgeble and detailed. The procedure took only 10 min and I had no pain. The next day he called to check on me!!
November 01 , 2011
Quick and painless procedure! Nice staff would recommend to anyone!
December 16 , 2017
Very thorough, easy to talk with. Procedure successful. Thank you.
January 19 , 2015
Overall a very positive experience. Was able to work with my schedule and handled the insurance payments without any issues. Highly recommended.
November 19 , 2015
Dr. Zafar treats his patients with respect. He contacted me personally the day following my vasectomy to see how I was doing. I appreciated his clarity, honesty, comfort and professionalism. Not having to deal with needles was also a nice --perk.--
June 05 , 2016
Dr Zafar is a very kind and caring doctor! He personally followed up with me after each procedure to make sure I felt well, and he is always very willing to thoroughly explain things and answer any questions. Thank you for the great care!
August 11 , 2018
Dr. Zafar was very knowledgeable. Him and his staff were very nice. The procedure went very well, and was done in a timely manner. He even took the time to give me a follow up call the day after to make sure things were going well.
May 12 , 2018
Dr Zafar does a fantastic job. Very satisfied with him and his staff. Dr Zafar is very personable and explains everything with great detail. Highly recommended
October 14 , 2017
All of the staff members were very nice. They made my procedure feel like a breeze. The nurse that helped me today was very nice and she did a really good job explaining everything to me about the whole procedure.
February 01 , 2018
If you need a vasectomy, this is your guy. As easy as it could have been.
December 19 , 2017
Quick and easy process. Dr Zafar explained the process thoroughly and made you feel at ease. Would recommend him to others for same operation!
February 07 , 2017
I was very happy with everything. The personnel at the hospital, the care given to me, dr. Zafar. Just overall very happy.
September 02 , 2018
Good Urologist, spends time, listens and connects well. He does not make you feel rushed. Office staff is good. Highly recommend him.
October 19 , 2016
Had my vasectomy today.. I was really nervous but it was all really painless and he kept my mind off it with conversation. It seemed really quick and 6 hours later Im feeling pretty good. He got in, got it done, and got out with what seems so far to have been an absolute minimum of tissue trauma. Very kind, very professional. Highly reccomended.
April 06 , 2014
Got a vasectomy done by Zafar. I would recommend him. Very quick and experienced.
April 04 , 2014
I went in a bit nervous about the procedure, but Dr. Zafar was very reassuring. The staff was friendly and welcoming and they were constantly asking if I needed anything and how I was doing. Great visit and I would highly recommend Dr. Zafar and his staff.
February 05 , 2017
Dr. Zafar did an amazing job. Highly recommend! Pro Tip: Schedule over March Madness
March 21 , 2018
Vasectomy went smooth and quickly!! Dr Zafar called to check up with me over the weekend. Highly recommend!!
January 10 , 2019
Dr. Zafar did an outstanding job. The vasectomy was performed quickly and painlessly. (I got haircuts that were fussier).Dr. Zafar is great about following up afterwards and being available for questions. I highly recommend him.
October 18 , 2016
Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Zafar himself followed up post-op.
July 24 , 2017
Dr. Zafar and staff were awesome to work with. Made me feel very comfortable and explained things to me before and while they were happening. I would recommend Dr. Zafar to anyone looking into vasectomy or other urology needs.
August 24 , 2015
The procedure was fast and Dr Zafar did a good job talking me through the whole thing.
November 10 , 2014
My procedure was very easy and quite painless. Over in 10 minutes.
February 16 , 2017
Dr Zadar is a wonderful Dr. Is very pleasant to talk with and answers questions accordingly. He was very good at explaining the procedure and all the risk after. Done a fantastic job all the way around now as my healing process has come and I am being released I am very pleased with the results I have nothing but a perfect ten to say about this doctor. Job well done Thank you! I would Recommend this Dr to any one.
March 14 , 2015
The procedure was quick and painless. The following day a follow up call answered all my questions and his availabikity put my mind at ease as far as any future concerns.
August 04 , 2018
Easy procedure and as painless as advertised. No discomfort after the procedure either. He explained everything and was extremely personable. I would go to him for anything urologic, but hopefully will not have to. ;-)
June 14 , 2018
Dr. Zafar is an outstanding doctor. He is highly recommended within the Des Moines Metropolitan area as one of the top urologists around. He has a very calming demeanor, which makes it easy to communicate with. He is very knowledgable and takes the time to explain procedures, symptoms and causes to you as a patient. His staff is very friendly as well. They make you feel at ease as you go thru the office visit process.
July 18 , 2013
My overall experience was awesome with Dr Zafar and his entire staff. He was very personable and professional with my entire vasectomy procedure! If your looking for a great Dr for your urology needs look no further hes right here! Not only did he give me expectations but both him and a member of his staff called to see how i was doing and if i had any further questions! WOW! Thanks again to Dr Zafar and his entire staff! Keep up the great work!
March 18 , 2015
I have had ED for almost 8 years I heard about Dr. Zafar from a friend. He was highly recommended. He did surgery and my problem is gone . He is a very good doctor and has excellent bedside manner.
August 24 , 2016
Great staff. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Overall a great experience. Couldnt be more happy with how everything went.
July 13 , 2018
Have treated with him for several years for suspected kidney stones, bladder control, ED and low testosterone. Always takes as much time as needed to answer questions and suggest solutions. Had one unsatisfactory side effect from a surgery years ago, but I was told about the possibility prior to surgery and took the chance. The office staff and nurses are always efficient and friendly.
June 30 , 2013
I had the procedure done yesterday morning. I was fairly nervous as vasectomied obviously arent a typical weekend for me. Both he and the nurse were extremely knowledgeable and conversational. Dr. Zafar kept my mind off the procedure by keeping me talking about work and family. His technique gave me zero pain and was over in minutes. Ive also had zero pain since then, but I plan on taking it easy just to be proactive. I HIGHLY recommend him if youre thinking about getting the procedure done.
March 19 , 2017
Dr. Zafar is quite personable and cares to check in with patients within a couple of days post procedure. The procedure itself was very quick and I would highly recommend using Dr. Zafar to anyone looking to get a vasectomy.
August 27 , 2017
Good overall experience from the first phone call to post procedure.
April 12 , 2018
Dr zafar was very knowledgeable and personable I would recommend him to anyone needing a top notch urologist
February 08 , 2017
Very knowledgeable and professional. Also followed up promptly as promised to check my status and see if I had any questions.
June 19 , 2016
I was referred to Dr Zafar by a friend. I am in my 40s and had ED which really caused problems in my personal life. He was very patient and heard me out. He then started me on medications which worked right away. My ED problem is now gone. Full marks!
June 30 , 2016
After a surprise pregnancy in our late 30s, my wife and I looked at all the options to make sure we werent having another surprise in our late 40s. Although we love our baby dearly, pregnancy complications are a concern as we age. Not to mention the change in family dynamics with our older kids. Anyway, a vasectomy looked like the best option. However, there are still risks (some studies indicate aggressive onset prostate cancer, auto-immune disorder, etc). Not to mention a huge concern if everything doesnt function and feel like it did before. Dr Zafar was very prompt about scheduling me for a consult and procedure. He answered all my questions professionally on the phone and in person. I was very much afraid to go through with the procedure until I asked if he had one himself. He said that he had and described his experience. This really sold me. He pointed out that, first, the risk of side effects from a vasectomy is much less than the health risk to my wife if she gets pregnant in her 40s/50s. Second, he said that he had little to no pain after his procedure (this was very reassuring). He was sincere and understanding about my concerns. I had the procedure over four months ago. I did not feel any pain during the procedure (actually had a nice conversation with Dr Zafar while he was working) and did not take any pain medicine after the procedure. This was done on a Friday and I was back to work a couple days later on Monday. Everything is working fine (except for the part we didnt want to work) and I have not pain or discomfort. So, I admit I was skeptical that there were so many positive reviews about Dr Zafar, having never met him. Afterwards, I am not. He took time to consult with my wife and I. He gave his cell phone number if we had any questions. He called the following day (Saturday) to make sure everything was going ok. He took care of a billing concern with one of the lab charges. I have no issues giving him five stars. (If you have never been to his office in Windsor Heights, it is an older office...just be prepared. Also, I was thankful that there was no additional staff in the surgical room during my procedure, only Dr Zafar was there. I did not relish the idea of having an audience for something like this.)
April 26 , 2015
Dr. Zafar did a fantastic job all around. He relieved me of all my concerns and did a great job distracting me by talking about my job and seemed genuinely interested throughout the vasectomy. Was pain free and quick. Have already recommended him to friends considering this operation.
July 25 , 2015
I was in and out within 40 minutes of my scheduled appt. Good experience- my anxiety was unwarranted.
December 01 , 2017
Dr. Zafar is professional, understanding, caring and has a great bed side manner!!
April 30 , 2017
Very quick and not as panfull as one would think. Very knowledgable
August 29 , 2014
Very happy with the whole experiance! Highly recommend!
May 12 , 2018
He was very friendly and highly skilled. I had since the first moments he idea to had the right decision in asking for his performance. He was detailed in explaining every process-steps.
May 14 , 2018
Helpful and friendly staff made my vasectomy so easy for me. Dr. Zafar made this a quick, painless, and easy experience that I will gladly recommend to anyone looking for this procedure. Dr. Zafar and his staff were excellent.
August 23 , 2014
Dr. Zafar is great! Had a vasectomy performed and was never made to feel uncomfortable anytime throughout the procedure . Very professional while still being very caring. Dr. Zafar truly cares about his patients . My procedure was on a Friday, and Saturday morning at 10 am Dr. Zafar call me from his personal cell Phone to see how I was doing. Not a call from a third party or one of his nurses. Very highly recommend him. I have seen a few doctors over the years, he is one of the best!
December 01 , 2017
Have seen Doctor Zafar for cancer of the prostate for nearly 10 years. He is up to date with what is new in medicine. He has kept my prostate cancer under control. I am very pleased with his work.
July 06 , 2016
Went to the Dr. Zafar for a vasectomy. He was highly recommended as few of my co-workers had the procedure done by him. He explained it all very well. The procedure took 9 minutes and he kept me bust talking so that my mind was off the vasectomy. Next day he called and to see how I was. I had a good experience with the doctor and no wonder he was recommended so highly!
February 25 , 2017
I was very pleased with the results and interactions I had with Dr. Zafar, and Amanda the nurse. They were excellent, also answered any questions I had. I felt good about the entire process even though I was nervous about it. Thank you!
May 07 , 2017
I have been in the healthcare industry for 14 years and Dr. Zafar is extremely knowledgeable and has adopted a process for vasectomy that is not only safer, but more effective and less painful for his patients. I highly recommend him.
March 19 , 2017
The surgery was virtually painless. His very knowledgeable and best thing of all he keeps in touch.
February 08 , 2015
I had concerns regarding my vasectomy, the procedure, the recovery, etc. Dr. Zafar was incredibly helpful addressing my concerns and took time to make sure I understood what was happening every step along the way. He also was excellent inquiring with me about how I was feeling during the procedure so that it would go as some joy as possible. He is a very personable and conscientious physician and I would have no hesitations recommending him. His support staff was also very kind and considerate.
February 06 , 2015
Dr Zafar has always made me feel at ease ,and I feel confident in the medical care I receive from him. The staff is friendly knowledgeable, and attentive. Thanks for the great care the past several years.
August 26 , 2018
Staff was great before and after procedure. They went above and beyond. Dr. Zafar was great too. Made me feel comfortable which really helped. Answered all my questions and went out of his way to always make sure i understood what to expect. Very friendly and down to earth. Glad i choose Dr. Zafar.
March 23 , 2015
Very knowledagle and very kind. Quick efficient and reliable.
November 05 , 2017
I had a very pleasant experience at Dr. Zafars office. The procedure was very quick and painless. He and the staff were very nice, informative and easy to talk to. Very pleased and would recommend to anyone looking into his clinic! Thank you!
April 12 , 2017
Dr. Zafar was very helpful with followup calls to ensure everything was OK
August 05 , 2018
Vasectomy was quick and easy. Dr Z took lots of time to discuss concerns before procedure. Would recommend to anyone looking for a urologist. Much better experience than with other urologists in the area.
May 01 , 2018
Very nice and helpful. Let me know everything I needed to know about my procedure. He talked to me during the procedure to keep my mind off of what was going on. Would recommend anyone who needs a vasectomy to go see Dr. Zafar.
August 27 , 2016
I was pleased at the care and how on the ball they are!!!
May 19 , 2017
Dr Zafar explained everything and the different options available in the course of action that was taken and what steps are available for continuing treatment. The nurse for the procedure was great and also explained things she was doing as we went along in the procedure. There no questions left unanswered and I am very pleases with the treatment so far.
April 17 , 2015
Dr. Zafar and team were very professional, knowledgeable and comforting, answering any questions and concerns I had. They were very attentive and engaged in making sure I was aware of what was happening at each step of the procedure and to make sure it was completely pain free. He also took time out the following day to personally call me to make sure everything was fine. Truly cares for his patients.
October 05 , 2017
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer by Dr. Zafar almost 10 years ago. He found it in time and I had radiation. I have been doing very well since then. He checks my blood levels regularly. Very pleased with his care.
January 26 , 2017
Dr. Zafar was extremely thoughtful when describing my vasectomy. He answered all of my questions at the procedure, and he provided me with a post operation phone consult as well. He made the procedure fly by and kept me as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a urologist. Very good at what he does!
November 22 , 2016
Dr Zafar was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to sit with me and explain my procedure in much detail and did not feel rushed. During the procedure his bedside manner was fantastic, talking to me and keeping things light. The operation was over before I knew it. Would recommend to anyone.
January 29 , 2015
I really didnt know what to expect, but Dr Zafar explained the procedure so easily it made me feel at ease.
November 10 , 2014
Dr Zafar did a prostate procedure on me. I was having trouble peeing and my flow was slow. Medicines were not working. I had a prostate ream job and my flow is now excellent. I cannot remember peeing so good in the last 30 years. Thank you Dr Zafar.
October 31 , 2016
Im glad he is my Dr. and Id refer others to him in a second!
February 12 , 2015
Dr. Zafar and his entire staff were professional, thoughtful, courteous , attentive and knowledgeable. I was experiencing severe pain from my condition when I first contacted his office. They went above and beyond to help resolve my issues. I have never experienced this level of care from a Physician. I would recommend Dr. Zafar to everyone I know.
February 21 , 2017
What a Doc! Calls you personally, gives you his personal cell phone number. This guy cant be beat! Did a penile implant.
November 14 , 2015
Dr Zafar explained the process for the no needle vasectomy to make sure I knew exactly what would happen. The procedure itself was very quick and much less invasive than I thought. He even personally called me over the weekend to see how I was doing. Post procedure pain was much less than expected and I was mostly back to normal in about a week. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking to get a vasectomy.
April 09 , 2017
Very competent, Explained the problem and suggested surgery. Had surgery for enlarged prostate, went without a hitch. No pain, no burning, excellent doctor , highly recommended.
October 23 , 2013
Dr. Zafar and his staff were very friendly and professional. They did a great job throughout the whole procedure. They set clear expectations and let me know what to expect after the procedure. He even called on Saturday to make sure everything was going well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Zafar and the clinic!
March 18 , 2021
Highly recommend Dr. Zafar. Extremely experienced, knowledgeable and the procedure was seamless. I am on my third day after the procedure and have had zero issues, including no paid or discomfort. Staff was extremely polite and helpful with any questions that I had.
July 22 , 2018
Great service, very helpful staff. Procedure went well especially with Dr. Fawad making you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.
February 05 , 2017
Great doctor procedure went smoothly made me feel at ease.
March 20 , 2017
Procedure was Fast and had very little pain or swelling . Back to work with no problems.
January 21 , 2018
Dr. Zafar is a very efficient and caring Dr.. I feel I am very lucky to have such a caring Dr. He always has my medical issues as a priority.
February 26 , 2015
it is early in my recovery but already am impressed with the results. It appears I may be non typical as far as what I had read about size after the fact. I will be larger! Thanks to Dr Zafar. If he needs endorsed I will be the 1 to tell my story. I put what was left of my manhood in his hands and he delivered.
June 30 , 2018
Dr. Zafar and his staff did a great job informing me of everything that could or would happen. Very little discomfort during and after the procedure.
September 12 , 2016
Dr. Zafar is excellent at keeping your mind in a good place during the procedure and getting you important information to make you feel more at ease. Thanks doc. Jacob B
September 07 , 2016
Dr. Zafar was very helpful, and I had no pain at all after I met with him! Best doctor I have ever met! He is funny, knowledgeable, and seems like he actually cares about you and your well-being! Id recommend him to anyone!
August 31 , 2014
100% recommend. Doc Z and his staff were amazing. They made this procedure as easy and pleasant as possible. They even called twice just to check up.
February 15 , 2022
Dr. Zafar is awesome. He made me feel very comfortable . He is very easy to speak to about the procedure and can answer questions with examples that made me feel he really knew what he was doing. I had asked several friends about their experiences with vasectomy prior to setting my appointment and can say without a doubt, Dr. Zafar is the person to go to. My experience was made as absolutely positive as it could be. I will be recommending him to all my friends that are considering this procedure.
October 28 , 2017
Dr Zafar was great. I had no pain whatsoever. Back to work Monday morning!
April 09 , 2017
Exellent care. Very knowledgeable and answered questions.
May 20 , 2017
Dr. Zafar was extremely professional and personable and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend him to anyone considering this procedure.
August 29 , 2014
Dr. Zafar and staff where most helpful. They made sure I was as comfortable as I possible could be.
December 29 , 2014
I called & was able to get an appointment on very short notice. Dr. Zafar was very knowledgeable and corrected my issue. There friendly staff followed up after my procedure & were very helpful.
November 29 , 2017
Dr. Zafars team were kind knowledgable and very helpful. I didnt feel rushed but how a patient is suppose to feel like you get in other places. They answered questions they made sure I knew what I was doing very professional. Great conversationalist very knowledgable I would definitely recommend him and his staff to anyone looking for a vasectomy as a costumer very satisfied.
August 29 , 2014
Dr. Zafar was enjoyable to talk to during the procedure. I was in and out in 25 minutes. I would recommend him to anyone.
July 24 , 2017
After some online research about the procedure and reading his online reviews I made an appointment with Dr. Zafar and had my vasectomy a couple of days ago and I feel great. Dr. Zafar explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions. During the procedure I had no pain and we past the time with pleasant conversation, before I knew it the procedure was over! His staff clearly explained the post procedure restrictions and was very professional during the whole process. Three days later I feel great and would highly recommend Dr. Zafar.
December 22 , 2014
As pleased as a man who had his sack cut into could be. I would highly recommend your practice.
April 26 , 2017
They made everything way better than I thought it would be. Painless procedure from start to end. Talked through all aspects of the pre and post operation. Dr. Zafar contacted me the next day to check in on me.
July 13 , 2018
Ill recommend Dr. Fawad S. Zafar all day long. He was recommended for a friend of mine and delivered 100%
March 08 , 2015
Procedure was fast and almost painless other than one small complication that he fixed immediately. Very nice and professional staff. Would highly recommend this method to anyone.
January 26 , 2018
Excellent experience. Dr Zafar and his staff were professional and made me feel at ease. Highly recommended!
December 01 , 2017
Dr. Zafar and his staff were amazing to work with. The entire team was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. The follow up, and follow through shows that he cares about his patients. This was a great overall experience.
February 15 , 2022
Dr. Zafar did an excellent job with my vasectomy. The procedure was fast and pain free. Dr. Zafar and his team did a great job making me feel comfortable and prepared. The recovery time is also very fast. 48 hours from my procedure and I am feeling a lot better than I expected. I was recommended to Dr. Zafar from a friend, and I would highly recommend to anyone that they go see him.
March 25 , 2017
I was extremely impressed with how quick and smooth the procedure went. Dr. Zafar was a true professional who put me at ease, kept conversation engaging and showed true care for me as a patient. I definitely didnt feel like just another one of his patients, and would highly, highly recommend him to anyone who could use his expertise!
September 23 , 2017
Great experience, all things considered. Quick procedure, done in about 20 minutes.
November 06 , 2017
he was very knowable and helpful. Nice and respectful and made sure the operation was as comfortable as possible. I would recommend him to anyone.
January 30 , 2015
Other than writing the wrong name on my prescription, I thought everything was great.
April 02 , 2018
I had what I imagine to have been as good of an experience as you can have during a vasectomy in going through Dr. Zafar and his staff. Although I was running late for my 4:30 appointment due to a meeting running long at work, he was very patient with me and was still very pleasant even though I surely kept him there later than he planned. He was very caring and did a good job of distracting my train of thought with conversation, and checked frequently to ensure that I was doing ok. Initially I was doing well and couldnt feel a thing, then he hit a spot that wasnt very numb and he addressed it right away ensuring that I was completely numb before continuing. He also has a 24hr answering service who contacted him to address an issue with my pain prescription not including a quantity right away. As a result, I was able to obtain the meds before I got uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.
September 16 , 2018
Dr. Zaffar and his staff are very professional and treat you like a person and not just a patient. I had an implant after suffering from ED for a many years. Dr. Zafar explained the procedure to my wife and myself and answered any questions we had. I chose my initial visit off the reviews we had read. . Great care from before during and after my procedure. Highly recommended.
March 23 , 2017
In and out in 45 minutes. Dr Zafar personally called the day after the procedure to check on me. He and his staff were great. I had no --pain-- afterwards to speak of, didnt need the prescribed painkillers only Tylenol and Ibuprofen the day of and the day after. I recommend him to anyone.