4225 Northern Pike
Monroeville, PA 15146 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
4225 Northern Pike
Monroeville, PA 15146 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
49 ratings, 49 reviews
Very knowledgeable.
April 27 , 2017
"Wow. What a doc. I've lost weight, my urination is perfect, I feel like I'm 20 years younger now, and my sexual function hasn't been this good since I was 18. Must go see him."
January 21 , 2021
The doctor took his time and helped me when other doctors couldn’t . He is an expert in his field and I can see why.
August 18 , 2018
Best doctor out there. My hormones are now normal. I have energy like I havent had in years. My sex life is night and day - my wife went from complaining to beating me away half the time. I feel great now!! Dr. Costa has helped me get a new lease on life.
January 22 , 2021
This guy’s office is, yes, crowded. That’s because he is that good. He has always treated me with kindness and compassion. As for the crowd and the wait, it’s like a great home cooked meal, it takes more time but is worth the wait. I’ve been to Dr. Costa formide that one problem. I find him highly effective and with great beside manner. He even called me personally after a procedure to see how I was doing, as I had a rough time in the recovery room with unusual pain. He showed genuinely me concern. Yes, he called me. Not a nurse or an office manager or other staff member - Dr Costa called me. As for his staff, i find them efficient and caring. As for the complainers on this board... you catch more bees with honey than salt!
December 19 , 2017
Yes you have to wait 2 hrs. But he gets the job done. Plus he knows his stuff about supplements. I think him being into anti aging, helps him think outside the box than other doctors.
June 07 , 2016
Yeah, the wait is long sometimes but there is a reason people wait. He is the best. Saved my life after other urologists had misdiagnosed me. Thank you doc!
July 10 , 2014
The wait is sometimes a bit longer than you would like, but Dr Costa is one of the best with great knowledge of his field as well as patient friendly. I recommend to anyone who want to get an accurate evaluation as well as help with aging!
January 24 , 2014
Dr. Costa diagnosed my condition correctly and helped me when other doctors did not. I can see why the wait is long. He is worth the wait!
January 08 , 2017
I was just there today. It was a long wait but its worth it. Dr Costa cares about his patients. I had kidney stones and was in pain so bad. He immediately scheduled me for surgery and made sure I had medication to help manage the pain. There will always be people that criticize doctors but dont let a couple bad reviews push you away. He really is the best. Make an appointment with him and you will see what I mean. Dr Costa never pushed vitamins on me to treat me. He currently is testing me to see why Im developing stones so I dont keep getting them. This is an excellent path in treatment. To eliminate me from getting them!!!! So happy with him and his staff. They are the best!!
September 18 , 2014
I have seen several doctors who couldn’t help me but Dr Costa took the time to listen and solved my problem. I recommend him highly although the wait time was almost one hour
December 01 , 2017
"Phenomenal care. He took the time to listen to all of my concerns and address everything FULLY. I never saw a NP or PA, I always saw him personally. I can HIGHLY recommend Dr. Costa! Also, as a perhaps completely irrelevant side note, he’s the sharpest dressed doctor I’ve ever seen!"
January 21 , 2021
Helped me more than 3 other urologists I saw. Dr. Costa took his time and was very knowledgable and compassionate. Patients in waiting room commented he was worth the wait and they were right.
June 19 , 2016
He is the most caring and compassionate Doctor that I have ever come across and was able to make a diagnosis when many other failed.
May 02 , 2009
Dr Costa is a compassionate, caring physician and surgeon. He helped me when others failed.
January 29 , 2015
Super excellent doctor
November 01 , 2008
Although the wait was longer than I would have liked, Dr. Costa really listened and was compassionate and more knowledgeable than other doctors I saw. He solved my probably which actually saved me time and money . He is the best!
February 14 , 2019
Dr. Costa performed a Urolift procedure for my big prostate that was causing me terrible problems. I can’t believe the difference! I’m off medication and my stream is so strong. I feel like I have my life back and I can sleep through the night without getting up 4 or 5 times. Dr. Costa is the only one in Pittsburgh doing this procedure apparently. I cannot recommend Dr. Costa or the procedure enough to people suffering like me!
May 03 , 2021
Dr. Costa performed a Urolift procedure which avoided surgery . He is a top expert in the country in this procedure . My results were amazing with relief of symptoms and quick return to work. Thank you Dr. Costa!
March 31 , 2019
Dr.Costa has a reputation for being one of the best urologists in the country. Pittsburgh is lucky to have him. Ive been a patient for several years, and I am always treated with respect and satisfied with the amount of time he spends with me at visits and with his advice and care. Great doctor.
January 12 , 2011
He fixed my urinary problems with a new prostate procedure (UroLift). I had minimal downtime and I can’t remember the last time my stream was this strong. Dr. Costa is fantastic! Very satisfied!
August 11 , 2021
Dr. Costa does run late however he is a very dedicated physician and takes his time with you listens to health concerns and how to address them. The staff is very good they were accommodating to my my health issues and made sure that I was treated with respect. I will recommend Dr. Costa to my family and friends
May 25 , 2017
Dr. Costa is a Godsend. I developed a significant bending of my “manhood” (Peyronies) and saw two other Urologists before I started seeing Dr. Costa. At first, I received (painful) shots down there that did not work. At the second, I was told I would need surgery to correct the problem and that the surgery could cause shortening, other new deformities, ED, and still might not be successful. I wasn’t willing to take that risk and had all but lost hope until Dr. Costa offered me treatment using a new technology that he said he had successfully used in other patients like me. There were no injections or surgeries. It worked like magic! I feel like a whole man again. The bend has essentially disappeared (and mine was really significant) and my function is better than ever. I wasn’t going to write a review about such a sensitive and personal topic but I looked online for such a long time looking for answers and felt like there were none so I’m hoping this helps someone else out there who has the same problem. Dr. Costa is my hero for fixing me like he did. He’s your guy if you have this issue.
December 08 , 2021
"If your have Peyronies, he’s your guy. I saw 2 other doctors for this, spent lots of money, had failed and painful shots, and was offered surgery that they said would likely cause penile shortening and after all that could cause ED or not even be successful. After doing a lot of research I wasn’t finding anything and honestly I had lost hope. Dr. Costa offered me completely pain free treatments that ..."
March 07 , 2021
Dr. Costa spent a lot of time exploring my history and explaining his findings more so than other doctors I had been to. He is extremely knowledgeable and kind and made me feel comfortable . And he successfully treated my condition . He is well worth the wait.
October 08 , 2020
"I have been a patient of Dr. Costa for 5 years. He is thoughtful , courteous and professional. His staff are excellent. I suffered with enlarged prostate for years. Dr. Costa did the Urolift procedure for me. It was the best thing I ever did. He gave me quality of life. It is a simple and painless procedure. His follow up care is wonderful. If you are have problems I urge you to make a appointment ..."
April 14 , 2021
very knowledgable in this field, gets results and spends time with patients. seems to care..
October 30 , 2012
Highly recommend Dr. Costa. He was compassionate and took the time to explain everything to me. You may have to wait but he is the best Urologist around. I would rather wait to have the best! A full waiting room is better than no one wanting to be seen by this Doctor!! He is busy because he is so good.
March 23 , 2017
"Best doctor out there. My hormones are now normal. I have energy like I haven't had in years. My sex life is night and day - my wife went from complaining to beating me away half the time. I feel great now!! Dr. Costa has helped me get a new lease on life."
January 21 , 2021
Although I had to wait a long time for each office visit (over an hour), the staff was courteous, and the physician conducted the procedure (a vascectomy) without complication. He wasnt particularly talkative or chatty, but that wasnt why I was there. He took care of his professional responsibilities appropriately, as far as I was concerned.
July 21 , 2009
Great Dr. and Staff . . BUT . . . . I waited 4 HOURS for my appt yesterday. This is an everyday occurrance. I waited 3 hours for my appt 2 months ago. Every single person waited at least 3 hours yesterday in the waiting room. This is completely absurd. Thankfully, people couldnt wait any longer and left so my wait was 4 hours and not more. Never once an apology. Just lots of angry patients. Problem is you have to deal with it because if you reschedule, youll wait all over again. Dr. Costa is great, but I wouldnt recommend anyone going there unless you bring a tent and picnic supplies.
April 04 , 2013
WAITING FORVER!!!! Might just walk out its been over 1hr 30 min and Im still sitting here
November 09 , 2015
Appointments are always a 3-4 hour wait. Last scheduled appointment was 10:45, didnt get in room till 1:30. Dr saw me at 2pm. Always draws about 10-15 tubes of blood every 3-4 months. Currently started seeing another urologist, cannot wait 4 hours to see Dr.
September 06 , 2016
"He was a complete uncaring doctor. Each visit my wife had to wait a minimum of 2 hours to get in to see him. He would NOT give her a report of her biopsy or results of her surgery AT ALL until she had an appt. 3 weeks later. She told him how upset she has been because of no communication. He acted as if he didnt care. We WILL be finding another urologist for sure. "
August 12 , 2021
Avoid him if you can...He own business comes firs, not you nor your problems...
August 31 , 2017
Dr Costa performed out patient surgery using the urolift system on my enlarged prostate. Which was making my bladder 1/2 its normal. Surgery went well. Symptoms remained Then put me one two medications to prevent bladder spasms. 8 weeks later att my follow up appt. by the why it was a 2.5 hr. Wait again. I asked for a ultra sound just for peace of mind. He said no. We wrote another script and my insurance refused and needed Costas office to get it okayed 4 weeks and still waiting Now have problem starting urinating and weakness continuing. I called Costas office. Staff said they would tell him Week later not a word Dr Costa Gave PCP a sample. found infection and treating me. Be prepared for a 2 -3 hour office wait. Staff is rude
October 01 , 2017
Very opened minded and knowledgeable.
September 05 , 2008
i WOULD wait 2 hours over the appointed time to see him. And all he would do is prescibe fish oil pills that he Hocks for GNC (just go to their website, he is on it smiiing and holding out the pills) which did NOTHING for me... i finally got fed up and went to the cleveland clinic for my urology problems..and guess what they fixed me up in 2 appointements, as opposed to the 14+ appointments i saw with Costa... AVOID HIM LIKE THE PLAGUE
August 31 , 2011
to long of a wait when you have an appointment scheduled. office is small and always filled. staff is not professional
March 23 , 2017
I would give this doctor and his staff no stars if I could! His staff is unprofessional and rude and the office is in HIPPA violation. Want your urine sample with your identifying information (name and birthdate) lined up with others on the public bathroom shelf ? If so, then this is the doctor for you! Getting records sent from this office is a nightmare; sent a letter and called numerous times to have records faxed to another doctor. When the new doctor's staff called twice and finally received them, they were handwritten and impossible to read! Therefore the diagnostic test needs to be repeated! I am beyond appalled with this doctor and his practice.
February 10 , 2023
Terrible medical practice!! You have an appointment and get seen 2-3 hours late!! The staff is unprofessional. The doctor is a narcissist. I had to go to the ER after a procedure with him and he never called me back to check on me after the hospital notified him. HIPAA violations in the office. As one patient said, don't walk away from this doctor--RUN!! Horrible medical experience!! I'm hoping he did not cause me permanent physical damage!!
March 03 , 2023
"Outcome appears to be satisfactory, but 3+ hour waits in the office and 2 hour waits in the preop area (with a line in) were not. Two hours in the waiting room and an hour in the exam room for a 5 min consultation in which I was told to schedule another appointment which would be in two months gives me pause. All questions were met with "you can get a second opinion."
January 06 , 2020
Absurdly excessive wait times at the office for appointments.. I spent 3 plus hours each time there for simple appointments.
June 16 , 2016
I probably would have liked Dr Costa however , I will never know because after the first appointment with him for which I waited over an hour and a half, His office staff would never answer the phone or return voice mail messages in order for a follow up. I was suppose to set up a surgical procedure with him after a EKG was done. I called for 2 weeks and when someone would answer, they would tell me they would call me back and never would. I kid you not, 7 times I tried before I just gave up.
April 11 , 2017
Called the office number which directed you to call the answering service to schedule an appointment. Spoke to a lady who took my name and phone number so the office could call to schedule. They never called me!! Gee, I can’t even wait an outrageous amount of time to see a doctor ( like others have said) since they can’t even do the simplest of tasks, like call a patient back!!!!
March 08 , 2020
"This thief doesn't deserve a review low enough. worse MD I have ever ben to, a true thief, read other reviews and get away from him as soon as possible. His staff is jus as bad. I can't believe people will work for him. He even sells OTC pills and home made items that don't work. "
May 04 , 2020
RUN!!! He is only out for $$!! He actually got fired form UPMC because of shady business for extra cash. Look up article on post gazette! He will try to sell you vitamins for any ailment. Most importantly, every time a bad rating goes up, his staff puts up an excellent one days later. Haha. What a joke!! Loser
July 22 , 2014
Get away from him as soon as possible, A thief and a witch doctor. Should be selling used cars. I dont know who would give a good review but dont believe it. $$$$
May 03 , 2020
Take lots of $$$ with you for the big thief.
May 05 , 2020

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