Central Ohio Urology Group, LLC.
350 W Wilson Bridge Rd, Suite 100
Worthington, OH 43085 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
Central Ohio Urology Group, LLC.
350 W Wilson Bridge Rd, Suite 100
Worthington, OH 43085 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
9 ratings, 9 reviews
Was refered to him by the hospital. I had an appointment with a different specialist and they couldnt get me into their facilities until later in the month. I saw Dr. Taylor and within a few weeks I was having surgery on a large kidney stone. He was kind and sympathetic to my needs. He was also great with explaining things to my family when surgery ran over (which had nothing to do with him). If I ever need a urologist again, I will ask to be refered to him.
July 06 , 2012
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone requiring urological services.
September 10 , 2011
Dr. Taylor is wonderful to my parents and very caring.
July 10 , 2018
Absolute professionalism in every phase from finding problem to last appointment. Highly recommended...
May 04 , 2015
Dr. Frederick Taylor was a caring, professional doctor, he explained every step, and took time to answer questions, and actually listens to concerns. He performed emergency stent surgery as my kidney stone was on move blocked functions to left kidney I was in bad shape when sent to ER. Dr. Taylor then 2 wks. later when well enough did the removal of stent, followed by a full removal of blockage to left kidney with a laser then placing a 2nd stent, lastly after week the final 2nd stent removal and completed. Dr. Taylor makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend him as a doctor.
June 01 , 2023
Down to earth normal guy who seems to really be interested in your personal situation
August 03 , 2015
When I first wet to this dr, I felt very confident. I began having issues with the staff- wrong information, did not follow thru with scheduling procedures, rude and irritating to the point of needing to tell the person to shut up. Wait time for an office procedure was over an hour and a half- not allowing me time to ask questions as he had to be somewhere else within a half hour, and be ready for the scheduled transportation pick up. The most serious problem is the dr not informing me of a potential cancer/problem in my colon that was noted specifically on the PET scan report. Had a nurse in a different medical practice not left me a copy of the PET scan report last year, I would not have known to contact my colorectal surgeon for a colonoscopy- which ultimately revealed that I had colon cancer. If you want a dr whose staff is unreliable, rude, a phone system with advertisement/long wait to speak with someone who may or may not be able to help/follow thru, and a dr who neglects to inform you of critical information- then take your chances here. If the nurse at the different medical practice did not leave me a copy of the PET scan on the table, I would never have learned about the colon cancer, and may have been too late to treat the cancer. He does act more courteous than most doctors Ive been to, however, I have had problems with his staff from the very beginning- its just not worth it even though I am in the middle of dealing with other medical issues- time to move on! Good luck if you choose to go to this doctor. when I first went to this dr, I liked him, and felt very confident .
February 17 , 2014
The office staff is AWFUL. They are rude, unwilling to help and dont seem to care about their patients. It takes FOREVER to get return phone calls, they wont give you more than one sample and seems to always want your copay ( being seen on a monthly basis, even though by law its being seen once a year for refills) Seems like their in it for the money, not in it to help patients. I DO NOT recommend going to the Grove City Office, its a waste of time and youll be disappointed.
May 29 , 2015
Have had issues for over 12 weeks now. Have made 3 appointments to see Dr. Fred Taylor. Only get to see the see PA. Medication is not working. I was assured I would see Dr. Taylor at most recent appointment, but again only got to see PA. She stated that she would talk to the Dr. and left the room. Came back several minutes later and said Dr. did not want to prescribe any medications right now and to come back in 6 weeks. They ordered Cystoscopy but the earliest date was in another 6 weeks. All the while your in pain with no regard to helping the patient. The whole place is run like a puppy mill. Medical care sure has changed for the worse. Best to go to a smaller practice where you can actually see the Dr. What a total waste of time and copay.
March 02 , 2020

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350 W Wilson Bridge Rd, Suite 100
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