University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
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4.6 out of 5
University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
12500 Dallas Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75033 (Directions)

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4.6 out of 5
17 ratings, 17 reviews
At 60 years old and no health problems, I went to Dr. Raj and he was quick and honest about my Bladder Cancer. Iam now with a urostomy . Iam about to have my 3rd CT. The first 2 post surgery showed no cancer because he was so good at getting it all. I have not needed chemo or radiation. I work at a hospital, the Drs. and nurses are amazed at my recovery and progress. Dallas is so fortunate to have Dr. Raj. I drive 3 hours to see this man and I would'nt go to anyone else.
January 18 , 2014
Dr. Raj saw me through cancer and kidney removal several years ago. In addition to his outstanding credentials, I appreciated his thoroughness, time, attention and care. He helped me through a very difficult time.
May 28 , 2019
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Every doctor I went to had a different recommendation from immediate surgery to radiation to radiation and hormones and watching it. I called up my friends at the Prostate Cancer Foundation and they recommended Dr. Raj. He got me in quickly and carefully reviewed my diagnosis and went over the pros and cons of each option. Most importantly, he made sure I understood the nature of my cancer and the need for treatment. I then had my robotic prostatectomy with Dr. Raj and am cancer-free. Thank you, Dr. Raj for being in Dallas and for being a fantastic doctor.
November 11 , 2019
I had a new diagnosis of prostate cancer and at age 64, everyone suggested that I have it radiated or removed. I went to Dr. Raj, who carefully reviewed my history and suggested that I was a perfect candidate for active surveillance. He didn't do the hard sell like everyone did and asked me to come back after reading a book that he recommended. I am so glad I did... That was two years ago and I still have my prostate and my cancer is under control. Thank you Dr. Raj
September 16 , 2013
fantastic surgeon, excellent hands
March 18 , 2010
Dr. Raj is a fantastic Doctor who easily forms a connection with his patients and helps them understand and manage their cancer. I have never met a more compassionate, thoughtful and brilliant Doctor!
August 31 , 2016
This doctor is an absolute star! He is knowledgeable, smart, capable and caring! Love Dr. Raj
August 26 , 2017
an absolute expert on testicular cancer... he knows his stuff and has the results to back it up
March 18 , 2010
ok, it's Aug. 2020. My bladder cancer surgery was May 2013!! A miracle? No, a great Dr. who know what the best treatment was for me. He is the BEST in the WORLD. This is my second review and I have been given the gift of life thanks to Dr. Raj. Don't bother with anyone else. He is a true medical genius. :) Thank you Dr. Raj
September 25 , 2020
Excellent doctor... knows his stuff
April 14 , 2010
outstanding doctor who clearly knows his stuff.. operated on my uncle last year for a locally advanced bladder cancer and he's doing great without any cancer.
March 11 , 2010
Dr. Raj is a doctor I can trust with my husband's life. He is thoughtful, personable and capable.
October 23 , 2016
I would like to commend Dr Raj and his staff for their superb care. I felt like I was one of his family, with his thoughtful and measured comments on my condition. Rare for a surgeon to care as much as he does in ensuring a win for his patient.
November 29 , 2018
Dr. Raj is an excellent doctor. When I learned that I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was in shock and fearful. Dr. Raj took his time to explain my condition and prognosis and helped me to understand that not all prostate cancers are the same and that mine was very curable. I am so thankful that I have him on my side as a surgeon. I had robotic prostate surgery for the prostate removal three weeks ago and am very happy with the outcome!
July 31 , 2020
It is not everyday that you meet a person that you are absolutely impressed with. Dr. Raj is a superb surgeon and scientist and most importantly, absolutely, committed to his patient's outcomes. I was terrified to find out that I had locally advanced aggressive prostate cancer: my other urologist told me that I would be lucky if I made it two years. Six years later, my prostate cancer is under control: my PSA is still undetectable. I am still nervous that the cancer will return, but am reassured that I am in the hands of an absolute expert
October 20 , 2015
Went with an inflamed testicle, and he recommended surgery. However, it healed by itself in 4 months like my ER doctor had said it probably would. He seems too busy to do any follow up calls.
December 05 , 2017
Would not recommend. Did not listen or spend time or advice properly
July 16 , 2020

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