Aloha Urology Inc
1329 Lusitana St, Suite 406
Honolulu, HI 96813 (Directions)
4.3 out of 5
Aloha Urology Inc
1329 Lusitana St, Suite 406
Honolulu, HI 96813 (Directions)

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4.3 out of 5
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explained everything I wanted to know about the operation. Very at ease while discussing the matter of a serious operation...
December 11 , 2010
After our horrible experience from islan of kauai doctor, we begged our family doctor to referral to the best urologist in Oahu. (Too bad kauai has only one urologist) his staff and his performance was outstanding and we recommend him and his office to anybody. After his surgery and we flied back to the island, my hipusband had some issue, if he was not available for return call, his co workers doctor called us back for advice, great team work, too!!! Thank you dr peers and staff!!!
May 07 , 2013
Dr. Peers had been referred to my by my very well-known surgeon for follow up after kidney stone (ouch!)so already I had high expectations and I wasn't disappointed. Thorough and very, very professional. I would trust him 100% were I to have a procedure w/him. He noticed an error a previous Uroligst madeas well as an error made by ER, but he was professional and not disparaging about it. If you want the best, you want Dr. Peers.
March 15 , 2012
Dr. Peers and staff did a wonderful job of recommending procedure and then performing a Robotic surgery to remove tumor and cyst. Highly recommend Dr. Peers and Staff.
November 20 , 2019
Procedure Dr.Peers performed was great
October 22 , 2011
"Dr. Peers without a doubt is the best urologist. Not only have I experienced his skill over the years for kidney stones removal, BPH, and very shortly the Eurolift procedure for it, he has been referred by several physicians as the urologist to see. I trust his judgement and hand skills on the surgical tasks needed to be performed. Several years ago, I had the kidney stone surgical procedure botched ..."
May 07 , 2020
Had some blood in my urine. Dr. Peers was extremely friendly and explained my situation and options extensively; and then immediately diagnosed my condition with a cystoscopy. Everyone at the office, including Dr. Peers, demonstrated a very high level of both professionalism and friendliness. I have had a lot of medical issues and it is unusual to have a significant medical issue resolved so quickly and effectively.
February 15 , 2020
When CT scan revealed an abdominal aneurism on kidney check, Dr. was helpful in determining whether the issue required immediate care by calling another surgeon specialist and discussing findings. Thanks.
January 27 , 2009
5 STARS!! always greets you in a very comfortable manner and willing to give his honest answer to any questions you may have. He is the best urologist!
December 19 , 2020
I was a patient of Peers. I had two procedures done by him. Both were failures. I was treated like an animal in a stock yard. Group therapy and making money should be his speciality. After a condition I was treated for was done in the hospital the follow up at his office was like I was an animal in a veterinarians office. I was examined at his office along with other male patients (maybe ten others). I ,along with the others was asked to get nude. All in one room we were all checked for urine excretion by a single female nurse using a ultrasound device. There was no effort made to make any of us patients feel unique or was there any effort give to privacy. The man is a failure as an MD! Stay away from him is my suggestion.
October 28 , 2018
Very, very poor follow up after surgery
January 16 , 2010

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