Alter Gary J Office
416 N Bedford Dr Ste 400
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (Directions)
4.7 out of 5
Alter Gary J Office
416 N Bedford Dr Ste 400
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (Directions)

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4.7 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
He is the BEST doctor I have ever encountered. Excellant manners and well educated. Treats you as a whole person and very caring
January 27 , 2020
Amazing results!
February 22 , 2016
dr. alter is the best! i had my surgery about 5 years ago,and am completely satisfied. he is not only a fantastic surgeon,but an incredibly nice man. he even came to the aftercare facility where i was staying to do my final exam. i would send anyone to him.
November 21 , 2011
I had the labiaplasty procedure by Dr. Alter and it turned out perfect. Very happy with the results. Thanks Dr. Alter!
August 04 , 2011
From the beginning, his staff was amazing, professional and kind. Dr. Alter, was excellent, from the point of consultation to post operation check up. Dr. Alter is caring, informative and a very accomplished Plastic Surgeon, the outcome of my surgery is beyond my expectations. Can't recommend him more highly.
November 16 , 2018
I can't say enough good about Dr Alter!! He even personally called me the night after my surgery. I went to him with a very personal & embarrassing problem. He was so comforting, professional yet human & made me feel at ease the entire time.
August 22 , 2015
I’m one week after the surgery and feel lucky to go through this procedure with Dr. Alter. I wanted to do the surgery for 15 years but hesitated to make the decision before reaching out to Dr. Alter. He is perhaps No. 1 expert in labiaplasty. The method he developed was proven to give excellent results based on thousands of surgeries. So, after reading about his records, research, and reviews, I knew that my chances to get beautiful results with him were higher than with anyone else. On top of that, I was very impressed with Dr. Alter when I met him. He was very clear about what he was going to do and what I should expect. His confidence and straightforward approach gave me lots of certainty, which was no less important than the procedure itself. He and his team were kind and supportive the entire way. I went for consulting in January but didn’t schedule the surgery until July, three weeks before the procedure. Despite the tight schedule, everything was simple and easy. They gave me clear instructions to follow and were responsive for every concern I had. Thanks to their attitude, I came to the surgery relaxed and happy rather than nervous and hesitant. The day of the surgery has come, and it was amazing! I took a good nap and woke up to a dream. My postoperative experience is excellent. Thanks to Dr. Alter’s method of labiaplasty, the healing is much less painful. It got a little swollen, but the uncomfortable feeling lasted only few days. I’m one week after the surgery, and I’m almost back to normal besides being a little careful. Also, I can already see that it is going to be beautiful. I couldn’t be happier! Overall, this surgery was life changing for me after years of confidence lose because of the appearance of my labia. I’ll always be grateful to Dr. Alter for taking care of me.
August 28 , 2020
Dr. Alter is the go to plastic surgeon in beverly hills for labiaplasty. Thank you for helping to restore my confidence. You are the best!!!
November 05 , 2015
10 years I had a botched labiaplasty by an inexperienced GYN who lied to me and used me as his guinea pig. I was very devastated and thought my life was over. I searched over a year and saw over 12 surgeons. Many who did not want to take my case. Others who could not promise me anything, because I was high risk to them. Until, one day one of the plastic surgeon told me to search for Dr. Alter who may be able to help me. He was 100% right! Dr. Alter is amazing!He is a genius and a true artist at what he does. Dr. Alter was the first surgeon I met who was very confident. He was calming, reassuring, and showed me pictures of his work. He was very down to earth and not arrogant. I was very impressed with Dr. Alter. I knew he was the surgeon I can trust and It was the best decision ever. I don’t think there could be anyone better than Dr. Alter. My surgery went well. I experienced very little pain, it healed beautiful, and looked amazing! I couldn’t be any happier. My life was good again. All thanks to Dr. Alter and the passion he has for what he does.
August 04 , 2020
Nearly 5 years since my surgery and I am doing fantastic. God Bless Dr. Alter for everything he did for me. No one would help me with my condition but Dr. Alter did.
July 10 , 2014
I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teen and developed a large clitoris early on in puberty. I was ashamed of my large clitoris and dreamed about having a “regular” looking vagina. I recently underwent a clitoral reduction and labiaplasty with Dr. Alter and I am very pleased with my results. He is down to earth and has many years of experience, I felt comfortable and like I was in good hands. He also has an amazing team in office and in the OR.
December 09 , 2020
Dr. Alter is absolutely the best. I had labiaplasty & hood reduction surgery with Dr. A two years ago, and searched high and low for a great surgeon given how sensitive the area is. I flew in from NY, and it was totally worth the trip - I had no complications, and was immediately thrilled with the results. And two years later, I look and feel amazing and have more confidence than ever. He is the consummate professional and you can tell that he is extremely dedicated to his work and getting the best results. A true perfectionist, he beyond exceeded my expectations. I am forever indebted to him for how beautiful (and natural - zero visible scars!) I look today.
March 31 , 2012
I spent years trying to find a doctor who could relive my pain. After finding him he said he could help me and directed me to get a year of dual-weekly excruciating painful electrolysis treatments to prepare for his operation only to have him back out at the last minute. He completely ignores my calls and won't answer any of my questions. If you need serious help please find another doctor. Someone who cares about their patients more than their reputation.
January 30 , 2018

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