New Jersey Urology LLC
160 Pehle Ave
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 (Directions)
3.8 out of 5
New Jersey Urology LLC
160 Pehle Ave
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 (Directions)

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3.8 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
My husband is a patient of Dr. Rosenberg for many years. He finds Dr. Rosenberg to be knowledgeable and feels very comfortable in his care. My husband would highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg to anyone that needs a competent, trusted urology specialist
April 11 , 2018
Dr. Rosenberg is amazing. I have nothing but good things to say about the care I received and continue to receive from this physician and his office staff.
March 09 , 2018
Kind and extremely knowledgeable. Its not easy to find someone to talk about sensitive issues with but the dr. rosenberg was patient and talked about similar situations he had seen and laid out different options and the pros and cons in a way I could understand.
July 22 , 2014
Dr. Rosenberg is an exquisite physician. He has helped me in so many ways. His manner and knowledge is impeccable. I would recommend him to all my fellow peers and family members.
March 09 , 2018
wonderful doctor and gifted diagnostician!! Figured out my cause for painful urination and got me better in no time!Staff is friendly and helpful--wound recommend him highly!
March 05 , 2012
So knowledgeable -- when no one else could help him Dr. Rosenberg was able to. He had the pharmacy make something that isnt sold in that form or something normally and within 2 weeks I had relief from a 10 YEAR curse! I cannot say in words how grateful I am to Dr. Rosenberg.
August 23 , 2012
Incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive -- I have seen the doctor for many years now and having seen many other urologists in the past -- I trust him the most.
July 11 , 2011
I was urinating brownish every couple of weeks. Went to see this Dr. recommended by my primary Dr.. Within 15 minutes he diagnosed the problem. He scoped my bladder and did a kidney ultrasound. Found a kidney stone. I had no pain because it was still lodged in the kidney. I went to the Stone Center and got the stone blasted. Very little discomfort. He also made me aware of the elevated PSA. Did a biopsy and was ok. Overall, Dr. Rosenberg works smoothly and is knowledgeable. I have no complaints.
August 14 , 2008
Not sure why all the negative comments here. I have seen Gene over the past few months and the service has always been good. Hes a good doctor and his staff is pretty friendly and helpful.
September 01 , 2010
Dont go see this guy. First off, his staff all hate their job and are unfriendly. Secondly, you will wait forever to get in. Lastly, and most importantly, this doc doesnt care about his patients. I dont want to get into details but he doesnt do a thorough job, he just wants you in and out. He screwed up on me twice and was very casual and lax, not caring at all.
August 25 , 2010
Have never encountered worse customer service than with this practice. Repeated calls to ask my status and for med results and in two months since beginning to go to this practice, have not received ONE of the many promised telephone calls. Never experienced anything like this with a medical practice -- its like they want patients but dont really want patients. Going elsewhere today.
December 22 , 2014
My father had been a patient of Dr. Rosenberg for 20 years to treat bladder polyps. Every 6 months my father would go for checkups and periodically of the 20 years would need to have polyps removed by inserting a catheter in his penis. During the last procedure Dr. Roseberg punctured my fathers bladder. Mistakes happen, but in this case we later learned from his new urologist that he never had any polyps. My 83 yr old father suffered, spent a week in the hospital after having his bladder surgically repaired for a procedure he never needed
March 05 , 2018
I had a very bad experience with this doctor, who was suggested to me by another medical professional. He misdiagnosed my condition, was curt, arrogant, totally unhelpful and refused to acknowledge that he made a mistake. Bad doctor and bad mistake on my part: Im left with permanent injury, but unfortunately no recourse because of extremely strict med/mal laws.
August 13 , 2009

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